Shoe Polish Can

Looking for shoe polish can manufacturer? We are the pioneer in the metal industry who offers shoe polish cans to the vast polish making industry. Our cans are offered in various shapes and sizes to make a greater solution for packaging. We are the right supplier for your shoe polish filling. We offer our services in delivering to all over Southern Africa including, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Malawi.

We use tinplate material to make our shoe polish cans which is totally customisable and eco-friendly. The current can size we are manufacturing is 50ml. We maintain a strict quality inspection standard over our product quality.
The normal lead time to manufacture the product: If we have stock of the product, we take minimum 2-3 days to dispatch and if we need to manufacture, it will take minimum 30 days to get it done. Our products are high-quality and safe packaged.
We offer our shoe polish can both plain, golden and branded. If you opt for branded shoe polish can, we have a strong metal printing facility that deals with all our printed cans. We do quality printed cans for our customer.

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