Ointment Tin Can



Ointment Tin Cans

To make your packaging as attractive as possible, Amopack provides an exclusive range of ointment tin cans. We supply ointment cans both plain and printed. We take custom orders and design the artwork as per our clients’ requests. These ointment cans are perfect for any kind of filling.  We offer various kinds of ointment can size that range from 10gm to 50gm. Below are the sizes:

  • 50*9.   (10 gram)
  • 44*14 (14 gram)
  • 50*11 (16 gram)
  • 51*15 (20 gram)
  • 61*11 (20 gram)
  • 61*24 (50 gram)
  • 63*19 (56 gram)
  • 67*26 (75 gram)
  • 74*17 (60 gram)
  • 90*17 (108 gram)

We are here to solve all your can making, printing and product problems. Connect with us now to order custom made ointment tin cans.

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  1. Good day please send me a mail with a quote regarding your 74*17 (60 gram) ointment tins. I’m looking to buy about 50 and want to compare prices. Thanks.

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