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For All Your Complicated Manufacturing Needs

Avail our products that fits your brand needs. We create custom tin cans that are tailored to your needs and we promise to deliver product that outruns the competition.


We are serving the nation for over 17 years with a promising delivery of our products with faith and intergrity. At Amopack, we follow the policy of achieving productivity and profitability of business. Our recipe of excellence includes the production schedule that understand the process and achievement through stability and adherence.



Please refer to our products and services, we have the best manufacturing plant to design your products and provide the best printing solution.


We offer Lithographic Offset Printing. We can help you with all your designs and our metal printing specialists will put your imagined designs in metal sheet form.

Components Making

The component department punches the components (ring, lid, bottom) using proper dye with the right profile in our high-speed press. We produce a plain, white and gold-coated components. 

Can Making

We manufacture cans of different shapes and sizes.  Our incoming raw materials from Printing/Tin Mill and final products are carried out very carefully to meet the quality standards. According to the size of the can, the sheets are made ready into the form of can body-blank size. Then the process of manufacturing either by welding & seaming or punching to final can formation.

Our Working Process Includes

  • Quality driven
  • Customer focused
  • Reliable
  • Scalable
  • Secure Factory Network

Our Manufacturing Production Process

  • Make to Stock (MTS)
  • Make to Order (MTO)
  • Make to Assemble (MTA)
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Our Manufacturing Techniques

  • Preparation
  • Processing
  • Handling
  • Storage Techniques

Cans for Multiple Industries

  • Aerosal Cans
  • Paint Cans
  • Floor Polish Cans
  • Shoe Polish Cans
  • Ointment Cans
  • Baking Powder Cans 
  • Spice Powder Cans 
  • Chafing Fuel Cans
  • Adhesive Cans 
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