Chafing Fuel Can – Empty Tin Can

Amopack have been an innovation-driven company, mainly focused in can manufacturing excellencies. Our quality driven products are manufactured by proper scrutiny and observation. We are serving the nation for 17+ years since inception. Our cans are used by various industries for various purposes. We manufacture floor polish cans, aerosol cans, shoe polish cans, ointment cans, chafing fuel cans and more.

Gel Can

Chafing fuel cans are perfect for the unbeatable bakers and chefs. Get in touch with us for our empty chafing fuel cans. Our cans are manufactured with a very keen observation keeping in mind the clients’ request.

Product Parameters – Chafing Fuel Can

  1. Empty Chafing Fuel Can
  2. Application: To Fill Chafing Gel
  3. Shape: Cylindrical
  4. Material: Tinplate
  5. Size of the can: 55mm height and 83mm diameter.

Avail our products that fits your brand needs. We create custom tin cans that are tailored to your needs and we promise to deliver product that outruns the competition. Contact us today to know more about our product.

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