Metal Cans 

Metal can, metal container, metal tin box, tin container, tin packaging is considered as a container or boxes for any kind of storage. It may be paint, polish, lip balm, oil, chemicals or any kind of goods used for any industry

Steel cans or tin cans are totally recyclable and good for the environment.

Advantages of Using Metal Cans

If we compare metals with any other form, metal will play a pivotal role in any packaging industry. Metal is harder and stronger than any form plastic form of packaging. It has the highest melting points. Let us know more about the advantages of using metal cans.

Shapes and sizes of cans

Metal tin cans can be molded into any forms according to the machine used for manufacturing. Some cans are cylindrical with round top lids, some are flat tins with different shapes and sizes.

Fabrication can be done in different cans in one rim. Rim is a narrow ring which is a bit larger than the external diameter of the can.

In three-piece can, manufacturing is done in tops and bottom rims. In two-piece can, one piece is a flat top and the other side is a deep drawn cup-shaped piece which can be joined together with the cylindrical wall and the round base. Cans comes in different shapes and sizes.

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